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The future of AI.

Unlock the Future of Entertainment: Dive into Livy's AI-driven features tailored for the dynamic world of content creation. Harness technology that's reshaping the industry, one innovation at a time.

AI Generator

Generate screenplays, outlines, character descriptions, storylines, podcasts, chat and even more with Livy.AI

Advanced Dashboard

Livy's Advanced Dashboard seamlessly integrates AI-powered insights and tools, offering a streamlined interface for next-level content creation.

AI Image Generator

Livy's AI Image Generator crafts captivating visuals tailored for the entertainment industry, transforming concepts into cinematic realities.

Submit a Support Ticket

Livy's AI effortlessly Support section allow you to access the expert assistance you need quickly and effectively, ensuring a seamless experience

AI Chat Bot

Livy's AI Chat Bot seamlessly merges advanced machine learning with cinematic expertise, revolutionizing the way creators interact and brainstorm in the entertainment space.

AI Text to Voice

Livy's AI Text to Voice seamlessly transforms written content into lifelike, dynamic audio for immersive storytelling experiences

Say goodbye to writer’s block AI

Intelligent Writing Assistant

Whether you're a content writer seeking instant inspiration or a filmmaker in need of compelling scripts, our intuitive interface and robust features have got you covered. Edit, export, or publish your AI-generated masterpieces seamlessly and revolutionize your creative process today.

Generate, edit, export.

Generate, edit, export.

Write your script and story now




Content Creators



AI Tools for Content Creators and Filmmakers

Unlock endless creativity and make your writing dreams a reality with our cutting-edge AI technology. Say goodbye to writing block and hello to endless inspiration.

Advanced Dashboard

Advanced Dashboard

Easily monitor word or image usage and access your documents and recent activities from one centralized location



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All in one Platform

All in one Platform

A comprehensive all-in-one platform featuring a text generator, image generator, and AI voiceover capabilities

Easily Export Your Content

Easily Export Your Content

Seamless Saving, Ready for Sharing: With a simple click, effortlessly export your content and get it out there! Whether for short films, screenplays, or feature films, make every word count and let your work shine wherever it goes.

Advanced AI Content Generation

Advanced AI Content Generation

Immediately AI Generate Short Film scripts, TV episodes, movie scenes, and more with our cutting-edge AI storytelling powered tools. Our AI Script Generator brings characters to life by leveraging cutting-edge technology to generate rich, immersive and dynamic personas.

Favorites Tools

Favorites Tools

Effortlessly save your preferred tools, ensuring quick access whenever they're needed. Plus, don't miss the convenience of checking the workbook for a glimpse into your previous projects. Your creative journey, organized and accessible.

How Does it Work?


Instant Creation: Input your idea, and watch as Livy.AI crafts engaging content tailored for your needs.


Adaptive Learning: The more you use Livy.AI, the better it understands and enhances your unique style and preferences.


Versatile Output: From scripts to narrations, choose your desired format and let Livy.AI handle the magic.

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